AgentBase was established in 1993 to help companies find sales agents to take their products and services to market. We have evolved into the leading sales agent register in the UK today with dozens of sales agency opportunities published monthly.

We publish more agency opportunities for UK sales agents than all of our competitors combined. We are by far the leading source of new agency opportunities for UK sales agents. Just ask any agent. Or read our members reviews.

Our members span all market sectors – from retail to industrial, from private to public sector, and so on. They sell products and services ranging across the spectrum such as cosmetics, electrical goods, gifts, foods, software, clothing, paper, IT services, jewellery, capital items, engineering components, utilities, commodities, etc – in fact virtually any product or service that you can imagine.

With AgentBase you have found the most cost-effective way of locating commercial sales agents in the UK. We reach at least 10,000 agents in the UK – and many more world-wide via our magazine, website and social media. And we have a comprehensive range of services to help you to find, recruit and manage them.

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