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AgentBase is the leading sales agent recruitment specialist in the UK. We have a membership of thousands of professional sales agents. Companies love us because we give them unique expertise and fast access to the UK’s community of sales agents. UK sales agents love us because we are their main source of new opportunities.


If you are a Company looking for sales agents, you can use us to promote your opportunity to the majority of sales agents in the UK – quickly and cost-effectively. We also offer a full range of recruitment services, assisting you all the way to establishing a team of UK sales agents.

We work with companies in the UK, EU and all over the world, with clients of all sizes to help them to establish a highly cost-effective network of UK sales agents (also known as direct sales agents, independent sales agents, independent sales reps, selling agents, manufacturers agents, commission reps, commission agents, freelance agents, and so on!)


If you are a Sales Agent, or thinking of becoming one, then we are the UK’s main source of opportunities for sales agents.

We feature all sorts of commission-only sales opportunities.

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