To add value to our customers’ businesses by creating solutions that enable them to plan, attract, recruit, contract, and manage sales agents.

Furthermore, to add value to our members’ agency businesses by providing a stream of high quality agency opportunities and related services.

Our Vision

To remain the clear UK leader in sales agent recruitment and management solutions, as well as the leading supplier of agency opportunities to UK sales agents.

Our Strategy

Companies: AgentBase continues to build a comprehensive range of unique services based on first hand knowledge, experience and understanding of working with sales agents. Coupled with the UK’s most extensive network of sales agent members, we are ideally placed to serve the needs of companies looking to increase sales with sales agents – profitably, sustainably, and strategically.

Sales Agents: AgentBase continues to remain acutely focused on proving our members with what really makes a difference to their businesses – new agency opportunities. And to offering them irresistible value for money services that deliver this core benefit.
Overall: we will remain a people business, not a virtual or e-business. We believe we have far more to offer our clients than that would allow.


There are a few key words we believe describe the AgentBase ethos, our everyday work and the way we serve our customers and members:

Integrity Focus – honesty, under-promise over-deliver.
Focus – all things to do with sales agents – nothing more, nothing less.
Quality – attention to detail, prevention of errors.
Innovation – always leading, never following.
Proactiveness – worthwhile things do not happen unless you make them happen.

These fundamental core values relate to our corporate culture, guide us in our decisions, and help to keep our team together and working in the same direction.