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Intrada Nederland

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Intrada Nederland

Intrada deliver high quality doormats, runners, carpets and artificial grass in different materials, finishing, colours and sizes.

• Coirmats
• Decorative mats
• Artificial Grass
• Outdoormats
• Ribmats
• Barriermats
• Logomats

We are established in the Netherlands in a small village called Genemuiden. Working with a small staff, we are
successful in other markets. 90% of our sales are inside Europe. We have a no-nonsense mentality. From the date of our foundation we are still extending our range in both indoor- and outdoor mats and have many suppliers from Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

We need Sales Agents throughout the UK and Ireland ideally with customers in Supermarkets, Discount stores, Garden centres, Furniture stores, Hardware stores, Poundstores etc. We have importation and fulfilment in place 10% ongoing commission. Exclusive territories Physical catalogues Support from our head office


Arend Beens (Intrada Nederland)
or mobile number 0031-62953353