New Sales Agent Training Course (online)

Are you considering a lucrative new career as a self-employed sales agent?

We have a unique online course, which is based on our unique book, and delivered by an experienced sales agent. The course designer, Terry James, was a sales agent for many years. He is retired now, but we are sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with the next generation of sales agents via his book and training course. This course, which includes a free copy of his recently updated book, will give you everything you need to know in order to set up and succeed as a sales agent.

Sales agents are in great demand – there is simply not enough of them in the UK. A hard-working, diligent, professional sales agent can earn far more than a typical employed sales person AND enjoy a far superior lifestyle. You will be your own boss, work when you want, take holidays when you like and and for as long as you like, retire if and when you want to, and enjoy full legal protection under the Commercial Agents Regulations.

The course is delivered online, so you don’t need to commute or leave the comfort of your home, and the timing is flexible. We have a maximum trainer to student ratio of 1 to 3, and many sessions are delivered 1 to 1.

This is not about us making money; it is about welcoming new people to the rewarding world of sales agency. And Terry’s legacy is to share his lifetime of experience and knowledge with you to help you achieve success and happiness in a career he has loved and cherished, and still wants to contribute to.

Although quite short it is comprehensive, with as much Q&A as required. The only question you will be left asking is: ‘Why on earth didn’t I do this sooner?!’


An online Self Employed Sales Agent Training Course.

As a Sales Agent you will:

  • be in great demand by many companies in many markets
  • have no age limits to entry
  • be your own boss
  • have control over your work/life balance
  • work in your known industry or market, or have a complete change
  • have unlimited earning power
  • never be made redundant again
  • retire when you want
  • take holidays when you want for as long as you like
  • have powerful legal rights
  • have no barriers to entry. Anyone can become one
  • have minimal upfront investment
  • need no qualifications
  • need no special premises, no staff, no stock.

This online short course will teach you all about these benefits and teach you how to avoid any possible pitfalls, and is given by a highly experienced Sales Agent who will answer any questions you may have.


  • Running a Sales Agency
  • How to find new Agencies
  • Negotiating Agencies
  • Legal Protection/Contracts
  • Dealing with Principals
  • Information Technology and the Sales Agent

It is given at mutually convenient times during office hours.

Cost: £99.00 + VAT

Includes free copy of our unique book: Become a Freelance Sales Agent in the UK (sold separately at £16.49)

To enquire or book, call the AgentBase office.

Tel: +44 (0) 1926 864200

  • Our Clients are saying...


    The course with Terry was fantastic.  Terry is a perfect gentleman.  He took his time and explained everything in detail, a lot of which he related to directly with his long tenure as a Sales Agent.  Plenty of time for questions at any stage on the way through and more at the end.

    If like me you’ve already been researching the in’s and outs of a sales agent you may already have picked some of this info up in small pieces.

    Terry pulls it all together in one place and will share his PowerPoint with you for future reference.   He also provides a copy of his book included in the price.  Everything you need is there to help you make an informed decision on your future as a sales agent.

    I would 100% recommend Terry and his course to anyone trying to figure out the life of a sales agent!

    Thanks Terry!!

    Kind Regards

    MR (Belfast)

  • Our Clients are saying...


    Hi Terry,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your time today.

    The Agent Training course was Great!

    Your knowledge, experience and passion for Freelance Agency shone through, I have a much deeper understanding of all aspects of the course and I’m keen to begin my own journey.

    Many thanks, Emma

  • Our Clients are saying...


    I’m am feeling very excited about my new venture of being a sales agent after my training with Terry and AgentBase.

    Terry took me through every detail, gave me all the links I need in order to start a successful agency. Can’t thank Terry enough for his enthusiasm, knowledge and support through the course and for inspiring me to make it happen.

    Really looking forward to getting back in touch with Terry to let him know I have secured my first agency.”
    Karen Walker