If you are looking for some bespoke advice on your sales agent strategy, then consider a Personal Consultation.
AgentBase has extensive if not unparalleled experience in setting up agent sales forces. Having set up dozens of agent sales forces since its inception in 1993, and with the UK’s largest resource of agents at its fingertips, AgentBase is uniquely placed to guide you to success.

All consulting services have been designed by AgentBase MD & Founder, Paul Brown. Paul draws from his extensive experience of dealing with agents from your side of the desk. As a former principal himself, and advisor to many others, he has been through exactly what you are about to go through, dozens of times. He has tried and erred, tried again and succeeded. Benefit from his experience.

We will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and propose strategies to fix any parts of your agency package that may require improvement. Or if we believe that the ‘agent route’ may not the right one for your proposed initiative, we will tell you so. This could save you much time and money in the longer run.

Personal Consultation on Sales Agent Strategy

  • Get the best personal advice on how to succeed with sales agents
  • Conducted in person by Paul Brown, MD & Founder of AgentBase – the UK’s leading sales agent register
  • This is a private presentation, consultation and workshop on how to succeed with sales agents
  • You will receive bespoke advice, a targeted report, & a specific sales agent strategy action plan
  • Comprehensive, strategic and tactical
  • Face-to-face in person
  • Or remotely via webinar software

A Personal Consultation will:

  • Address your specific situation
  • Make specific recommendations
  • Answer all your questions and fill all your information gaps.
  • Answer the fundamental questions:
  • Is this the right route to market for you?
  • What is the best way to go about it?

This service will propel you forward rapidly to a position where you can proceed confidently with sales agent recruitment. You will have a thorough understanding of sales agents, how to recruit and manage them, and feel safe in the knowledge that you are presenting a package that is the best it can be, so giving you the best opportunity for success.

This is a personal one-to-one consultation, not a group seminar presentation. It consists of a comprehensive, strategic and tactical consultation and workshop. It can be carried out face-to-face on your own premises or remotely via webinar software, and results in a detailed, tailor-made strategy and action plan for you to successfully recruit and manage your own agent sales force.

It is carried out by Paul Brown, MD and founder of AgentBase. Paul has an unrivalled 25 years of first-hand experience of recruiting and managing sales agents on multiple projects, and in advising countless others on how to do the same. Paul has made all the mistakes, and learned from them – so that you don’t have to. He will guide you step by step, and help you to succeed with sales agents – the first time.

What’s involved:

Stage 1 – Information Gathering & Analysis

We need to fully understand the nature of your business and your plans, targets and objectives for sales agents. What are your proposed policies and stances in relation to key issues? A detailed and structured questionnaire is used to probe all pertinent areas.

This is then analysed to identify your strengths, opportunities, knowledge gaps and potential problems areas.
Crucially, we then develop the unique set of strategies that will play to your strengths, and also to fix, overcome, or work around the issues where possible.

Stage 2 – The Consultation

First a short presentation to explain the general nature of sales agents: their psychology, behaviour, operating environment, motivation, strengths and limitations. We will address the key issues involved in recruiting and managing them. We also show you the optimum agency ‘package’.

Then we will discuss our analysis, and present the strategies we have developed. We will explain everything fully and work with you to hone these into a comfortable, workable agent strategy. We will work with you to develop the optimum agency package for your business.

Stage 3 – Action Plan

We present a focused report containing a summary of our analysis, detailed recommendations, and a workable optimised sales agent strategy statement.

We also include an extensive support pack containing a wealth of information, general tips, advice and references based on many years of real-life hands-on practical experience.



(plus travelling expenses if carried out at your premises – quoted on request)