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The Original Poster Company

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Looking to add stationery, toys and greeting cards to your portfolio?

Become our agent with the potential to convert to a franchisee in 2 years

Up to 20% Commission • Potential earnings £30-40,000 pa. • Salary contribution of up to 10 to 50% for the first 3 months • Training • Potential leads provided with agency agreement.

About us
Perkins Group Services, Williams Direct and The Original Poster Company are all part of the Cathay Investments Ltd. We can offer a portfolio of products spanning multiple sectors including production and distribution of greeting cards, toys, stationery, household products and a best selling £1 range. Together with our franchisees we total close to 400 people dispersed in several locations across the
UK. In our company, everything starts and ends with the front-line sales team which consists of own employees, agents and franchisees. The Original Poster Company sells around 3 million premium, eco-friendly greeting cards annually, 100% designed and printed in the UK. Perkins Group Services and Williams of Swansea are stationery and toys distributors.

Target markets
Our primary target market consists of convenience stores, post-offices, petrol forecourts, and supermarkets, both independent and connected through different retail groups.

Currently we have vacant following territories: Bristol/Bath and surrounding areas, Exeter/Plymouth and surrounding areas, Salisbury/Bournemouth, North-West London, and Central London. There is also an opportunity in South Wales primarily for stationery and toys based on the heritage of Williams of Swansea Ltd. but with the addition of seasonal outlets and tourist venues.

Miss Esme Neaves
E: recruitment@cathay-investments.com
T: 02087225951

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