The vast majority of our clients are SMEs and micro-businesses. Over the years, thousands of businesses have used AgentBase's services to find sales agents. Most clients are from the UK, but we also help many overseas companies to establish sales agent forces in the UK. Our clients range from start-ups through to household names.




Our Customers Say...


Hide Stationery Ltd

I was very impressed with the service from AgentBase. Within a few days of my first advert I'd received a number of enquiries, and by the second month all of the positions I'd advertised were filled!

I've actually got agents for the whole of the UK now. I'll be sure to get back in touch if I need help in the future. I was impressed with the service.
Tom Strickland - Director


The first two advertisements in September and October 2011 generated a good number of interesting opportunities. After several discussions we signed contracts with three agents recently.

For the first selection/interview we used your management services.

Now we have appointed the agents. We thank you very much for your service and support to find sales agents for our company.
Erwin Volkers - Sales Manager BX & UK

Cairn Technology

We contacted Agent Base in Dec 2011 with a view to recruiting a national team of agents. The initial advice was first rate and the information given in the official briefing document was invaluable. Our campaign went live in Jan 2012 and the ad produced excellent results. On going contact and liaison with AgentBase was regular and efficient. By the end of Feb we had appointed a full team of agents and the team went live by mid March. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of AgentBase to any company wishing to embark upon an agent strategy.
Andrew Binney - Sales Manager


Creative Designs Ltd

We recently placed an advert within the AgentBase magazine and on their website for multiple Sales Professionals throughout the UK, the response was so good that we have had to put a hold on the 2nd and 3rd months advert which we can use again in the future. We would not hesitate in recommending AgentBase to any business organisation who are searching for Sales Agents.
Robert Maynard - Director


Ginger Fox

I thought the seminar was extremely useful, and the support pack will no doubt prove to be a useful tool once we are ready to venture down the path of sales agents, hopefully towards the end of next year.
Rob Nock - Director


The Richmond Cabinet Company Limited

As new entrants to this sales channel we collectively had little or no idea as to how to approach the process or recruitment of suitable Agents. After a small amount of desk research it became obvious that AgentBase were well positioned to take on such a task. Having attended a briefing seminar the decision was made that we should pursue sales in this channel (Kitchen retailers) and that the only way to do so was via Agent representation. Following a meeting with AgentBase it was decided that we would opt for the MRS (Managed Recruitment Service) and as such handed this element of the process over to them to manage. Once the Ad was proofed and had run for a short while all incoming enquiries were vetted and suitable candidates tele-interviewed. Details of the aforementioned were then forwarded to me as a report for final approval and it was only at that point I needed to make contact and interview. Whilst the MRS is a paid for service the benefits more than offset this in terms of the time it would have taken for me to have completed the process myself. For those, like myself, who have the need to recruit but not the time I would thoroughly recommend it!
Dan Rushton - Group Sales Director


Anvenor E.K.

Hi Paul, I am back in Germany since a few days. The visit of your country was a very positive experience to me. We already found two agents. One due to the addresses bought from your side.  

Herewith my testimonial: I consider AgentBase for principals who would like to establish sales with the help of sales agents in the U.K. as a highly recommendable partner. We are glad to contacted AgentBase. We were successful in finding agents due to the excellent and fast services of AgentBase and also due to the delivered addresses of potential agents.  AgentBase is providing  an engaged support for setting up an appropriate agent strategy in the U.K..

P.S.: Please keep us informed in case you could deliver new addresses of potential agents for the U.K.
Christian Denter - Director


Bolero Drinks Ltd

Hi Paul, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to express my thanks to you and your company. I will write here a brief account of my experience using Agent Base, and I would then invite you to allow others to view my comments.

I had originally contacted Agent Base towards the latter part of 2009 when I wanted to recruit agents/distributors for the company. At that time, and given the start up situation, I decided to go with a cheaper company. For many years I have preached to people my belief of 'buy cheap and buy twice' or even 'cheap can be expensive'. Well, I cannot believe I chose to ignore my very own best advice. The rival company to AgentBase was cheaper by some 20%. However, after a month in their magazine and with a targeted mail-shot, I received just two calls! I had a meeting with just one of the companies who contacted me, and even that lead nowhere. I was left questioning myself as to, "did I have such a good product after all"? "Was I offering enough of an incentive for my agents"?

So... Back to Agent Base. Your representative was informative, very patient, as well as understanding as to my requirements and of my doubt! Eventually, I gave in to his persuasion and agreed to place a listing on the AgentBase website.

I could talk here as to how my advert was generated by your in-house team of designers, and how pleased I was with the seamless process, and I guess I just have!

My listing on Agent Base went live at the beginning of April....... Wow! When it did, suddenly my working hours were extended to twelve hour days in order to cope with the time required in talking to potential agents, as well as running my company. These words are the absolute truth. "For almost three weeks I had to work each and every evening in an effort to talk to all those who had made contact regarding the opportunity with Bolero".

I am writing to you now in the middle of May. And from my words above, you, and anyone reading this will no doubt be itching to know where I am with the business now. Well let me tell you. I have now twelve on-board, who I like to think work with me, as opposed to 'for me'. I am thrilled to have such a great team in place, all thanks to Agent Base. In total, I must have had close to sixty calls, and I would say in the main, the callers were sensible business minded people.

To conclude. I was totally convinced that the Bolero drink brand stood a good chance to succeed here in the UK. It has enjoyed an unrivalled success right across Europe and in fact the UK is the 42nd country it has entered. However, no matter how good a brand or product you have, or service you provide, without the right people behind you, failure will be your fate. For me, AgentBase helped me find the right people. So, perhaps one day, when Bolero sachet drinks are a household name, you can be proud in the knowledge that AgentBase provided that vital foundation stone. My sincere regards,
Keith Jeffries - Director


Easy Price Pro Limited

Hi Paul, Thought I would drop you a line to say thanks. The advert in AgentBase worked far better than anything else we have tried before and at no more cost than one good press advert. For the money that’s one area in the press for a week against 3 months with yourselves covering the whole country. The quality of applicants was superb and there were a number I would have liked to take on, if only I had been able to create an area for them.Certainly you will be the first port of call next time we are looking to recruit. Regards,
David Wilkin - Sales Manager


Hive & Co Accessories Ltd.

Hi Paul, Having no Agents and not knowing where to start? Agent Base was the perfect answer a “One Stop Shop”. Their knowledge and understanding in recruitment and running of agents along with advertising and legal services really helped.
Richard Wain - Director


Rapidex Ltd

Hi Paul, I went to the day (seminar) not knowing what to expect, since I did not know much about agents. I did like the idea of commission only sales people though! I found the whole day incredibly interesting and very informative. All aspects of dealing with agents were presented in an easy to understand format. Questions answered clearly and with a wealth of knowledge and experience.I would recommend the seminar wholeheartedly. Regards
Simon Upton - Director


Red Wasp Marketing Limited

Hi Paul, Thanks for this I really appreciate your response. I had a brilliant meeting with Alistar yesterday and he has agreed to go ahead. I can't stress enough how pleased I am with your response to my concerns I feel really confident that we can work together on a long term basis. Thanks again

Rich Keyes - Managing Director


Hi Paul, Just a quick note to reiterate my thanks for your presentation yesterday. It was a great distillation of your experience and understanding of the agent mentality, well presented and full of invaluable content. I am going to review everything we learned from yesterday and get back to you to discuss our further requirements for your other services to make sales agents a success for our business. Regards,

Simon P Holmes B.Eng (Hons) - Managing Director


Easylocker International B.V.

We are just back from London and have some interviews with 3 potential agents. The quality of the appointments was very good. Totally we have 4 agents and 1 distributor now. So we are very happy with the advertisement. Kind regards.,
Henry Veugelink - Alg. Directeur


Wile Ltd

Guys, Just wanted to let you know that within 5 days of our web ad and 24 hours of our email going out we have so far received 15 enquiries. I have no benchmark to compare against but that would appear to be to be a reasonable response at this stage and I am very pleased. We have already received a few comments from prospective agents complimenting us on the quality and content of the information pack provided so again thanks for the advice. Thought I’d make you aware and say thanks for your efforts. Kind regards

Rob Warner


Flare Gifts & Jewellery : Jennifere Jewellery

I never did get back to you in respect of the response we got from placing an advert through your agency. It was a complete success and a great response from agents right across the country. We also received good calibre of agents and have now placed agents nationwide. We most certainly will consider advertising at some stage and have recommended your agency to other colleagues in the Industry. Kind regards,
Edmond O'Connor - Director

Peer Limited

Thanks for all your help. I would like to express how impressed I have been with all of my contact with AgentBase, but above all, from the purely commercial perspective, howdelighted I amwith the volume and particularly thecalibre of response that my advertisement with you has generated. Kind regards

Robin Bell - Director


Masterman Art

I have found Agent Base very professional and efficient, I felt nervous going in to advertising for agents as there are no guarantees. However I can guarantee the quality of applicants is outstanding, the service is very efficient. Agent Base has worked with my every step to ensure I get the right agents. Regards,
Jacob Wardrop - Partner


West Point Engineering

We are delighted with both the quality and quantity of theagents who haveresponded to our advertisment in AgentBase. I would like to thank everyone at AgentBase for their advice andprofessionalism throughout the process. Best wishes,

Mark Dickinsson - Director


CJ Medical Limited

CJ Medical is a specialist surgical instrument distribution company that has enjoyed growth rates of 50% per annum for the last four consecutive years. As a small company CJ Medical has traditionally expanded the sales force organically, which has its natural limits mainly due to cash flow requirements whilst in a growth phase. With the adoption of an agent strategy CJ Medical has successfully developed an additional eight persons within the sales force taking the expansion within a short three month period from six to fourteen sales representatives. This would of course be impossible without a large cash injection or the help of Agent Base.  AgentBase - through partnership - has supported CJ Medical in the process of advertising and recruitment of independent sales agents via the high quality AgentBase publication along with an excellent web presence that has attracted a high level skill mix to our specialist surgical sales environment and product mix. AgentBase has provided CJ Medical with a professional, efficient and highly credible experience in the search for high calibre independent sales agents. We shall use AgentBase again exclusivelyand would recommend AgentBase to other organisations wishing to improve geographic reach and representation to achieve expansion.

Charles Reynolds - Managing Director

Freddy Products Ltd

We have been thoroughly impressed with AgentBase. From the initial call they have been helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable,with the utmost professionalism. From the design of our advert, to the responses we have had, I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Lisa Shaw - Director


Spherical Images

We (Spherical Images Ltd) used AgentBase for the first time from December 2008 to February 2009 to advertise for sales agents. We put adverts in another agent publication and a large on-line recruiter at the same time. AgentBase provided us with double the number of contacts than either of the other two routes. Plus the agents that contacted us were of an excellent standard and many of them have subsequently started working for us. AgentBase also did an excellent job in designing our advert to incorporate our message, branding and images (as a photography related company this was particularly important) I have no doubt that it is this kind of attention to detail that works so well in providing high quality agents. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any other business and will definitely be using them again in the future.

Henry Stuart BSc, MSc - Director


Pirelli Tyres Ltd

‘Under the advice of AgentBase we ran a 3 month campaign and received 40-50 responses. AgentBase helped us achieve our objectives. I would recommend this service.’

Neil Booker - Marketing Manager


J & J Confectionery Ltd

Thank you very much indeed for sending me that Legal Pack as requested. I already had a few items in my file, but not the complete package. I am really very pleased with the responses I've received from those ads. It's not just the quantity but the quality as well. Thank you so much.

Florence - Director


P.N.P. PLAST s.r.l. – ITALY

We have recently made with you an agreement of announcement web + magazine for Oct/Nov/Dec. The announcement was really well done and we are having feedback.
We have received so far 5 contacts, 2 of which are very interesting, and expect to get more before end of this year. I would like to stress how professional and very cooperating your job has been, it has been a pleasure until now.
Lucia Nannini - Export Manager


AgentBase took time to fullyunderstand my Sales Agents recruitment requirements before embarking on the MRS (agent recruitment) process. I found them to be both friendly and professional

David Overland – Director


EOS Optical

AgentBase assisted us when we took the decision to out source the Agent recruitment process, we worked very closely with the recruitment team to ensure a successful outcome. We found AgentBase to be professional and committed to the success of our project

Jerome Sanne – Director


Domus Island

We found Agent Base to be very effective in Agent Recruitment.The advice and the assistance provided from initial enquiry through to constructing the Advert were professional and supportive. As a result of this, we received more than 30 enquiries in the first month alone. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking at recruiting Sales Agents.

Mark I'Anson - Sales Director


The Robert Fuller Gallery Ltd

Just writing to let you know how well agentbase has worked for our company The Robert Fuller Gallery. Advertising with agentbase has helped us to build up to a network of 8 agents who cover England and Scotland with our range of wildlife greetings cards. We got a good response of applicantsafter each advert was placed. From this we were able to select the best applicants for the job. I found the cost of advertising to be reasonable in comparison with theorders the agents are now bringing in and this has allowed our company to go from strengh to strength.We also tried the new service of advertising at shows. This worked great and we took onone new agent from this. This had the added benefit that we were able to meet the agent at the show face to face as well as showing them the full range of products andtaking them onstraightaway. Should any vacancies arise in the future, we will be certainly going to agentbase first to fill them! Thank you for an excellent service!

Victoria Fuller - Director


The Select Group of Companies Limited

To update you on our progress to build a national agent base for Select Products, we have now concluded our three month quarter page advertising campaign in your Agent Base magazine and website. This campaign resulted in excess of 20 enquiries, of which we have now established 9 agents throughout the UK to develop merchant based sales for our products. I was most satisfied with your support and follow through during our listing, and would have no hesitation using your service in the future should we require additional agents.

Alan Archer - Group Managing Director


Eliza Tinsley Ltd

Just a note to thank you for the report you sent to me following my completion of your initial questionnaire. The report was detailed and informative to such an extent that it caused me to rethink my whole strategy for the sales force and save myself an awful lot of time and money! As such it represented excellent value for money and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone considering appointing Agents - or just seeking advice - to use your services. Thank you for your assistance and I will be in touch again once I have a clearer view of my future direction.
Peter Stone - Sales & Marketing Director.


Perthshire Jewellery

We advertised in the AgentBase Magazine & Websiteand have only had to use 2 of our3 monthsof advertising. The responses we received were quick and the quality high.

Linda Lambert - Partner



AgentBase is the only place to recruit professional Sales Agentsin the United Kingdom.

Neil Bryan-Harris - Director of Business Development


Bagset Ltd
First of all we were happy with your excellent customer service. It was easy to communicate and get help from you. The graphics and the visibility of the advert was superb. We have received several applications from highly experienced and professional agents. We will definitely use you again if needed.
Anneli Korpelainen – Export


Beamer Ltd

‘A quick response, good quality agents. I was able to cherry pick. What I needed I got - well motivated, professional agents. Having never used agents before, I would never have been able to cover the country without the skills and expertise at AgentBase. If I need to replace my agents at anytime I know where to come.’

Sarah Goddard - Director


Sachets Ltd

‘We have had a fantastic response to our advert in AgentBase. The most impressive aspect has been the quality of the applicants. We have been introduced to several very senior, well connected and experienced people. In addition, the model agency contract has given us a great starting point for commercial discussions and has been well received by our agents.’

Chris Ball


Zima Trading International

‘It was a lot better than I expected! We are very happy with the service from first point of contact to publication, good customer service. We had (several) responses in the first few days, direct from the advert, and some forwarded through the free reader response service. If we need Sales Agents again we will definitely use AgentBase.’

Mahmood Qadir – Proprietor


Coronet Services

‘We have been delighted with the efficiency, economy and quality of response obtained by using AgentBase. We are already considering using them again.’

Keith Davis- Director


DBC Group

‘Thanks for a really great session last week (Agent Strategy Consultation). It was very valuable and worth every penny. You were very professional and really have givenus a full overview of this selling route.’
Colm Paul - MD


AS Helmes

‘Thanks for a nice work your company has done for us! We have ongoing discussions with potential sales agents now, and as our advert is still valid 2 months more we hope to find some agents more. I like your customer focused attitude!’

Teet Saluvere – Director


Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd

‘We are pleased to say that the agents that we secured for the UK market through your agency have worked out extremely well... and your recommendations in respect of working with them, and the commission rate that should be given, is working.At the initial meeting that we had, you were able to explain the logic of agents, their thinking from both their own view, and that of companies that they worked for, proved to give us a good guidance when negotiating with people.As we moved onto the advertisements on your website and magazine, the response ... produced the quality of people that we wanted...  Following your initial interviews with the people, we moved on to face-to-face meetings, which proved a good result for our company.We would have no hesitation in recommending to other organisations the use of your agency.’

Michael Kennett - Managing Director


Bristol Merchants Ltd
AgentBase were hard working and professional. They did exactly what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. Recruiting agents is avery difficult and specialised process, I would not have liked to try itwithout them. The process was arduous, time consuming and expensive, but itdid help me to see aspects of my business in a new light. Sales agents arenot the answer to everyones' problems but if you're going down that road,AgentBase should be your guide.’
Paul Miller - CEO


Just A Smile Ltd

‘AgentBase were professional, highly motivated and completely customer focused. Recruitment of Sales Agents is a difficult and challenging process,AgentBase are the right people to guide you down that road.’
John Steadman - Managing Director


Suresite Ltd

‘Suresite Ltd consulted AgentBase to obtain independent marketing advice prior to the launch of a new venture. We were very impressed by the depth of analysis carried out and successfully acted upon the advice given. Interestingly, the advice was not to use the services offered by AgentBase but to employ our own marketing team ! I recommend any business wanting independent marketing advice to contact AgentBase.’

Geoff Oldham - Managing Director


Carl Kammerling International Ltd

‘I have engaged AgentBase to assist me in both recruiting agents and in advising me on existing agents contracts. The advice received from Paul in both cases was precise, insightful and led to strategic decisions being taken based on facts rather than guesswork. I would recommend AgentBase to anyone who is considering employing agents or who has existing agent contracts that need to be reviewed. A consultation with Paul Brown contributed to the development of a new strategy that resulted in significant improvements to our sales structure.’

Paul Harris


Dycem Ltd
I and the Dycem team were impressed by the consultation and consider it good value for money. It is taking us longer to get to market than we thought, but this is positive because if we had tried to go to market without the consultation I am sure we would have failed and not realised why we were failing. Now we have a much better appreciation on both a theoretical and practical basis. Thanks for your continuing help, with the international and legal information.’
Mark Dalziel


Climate Change

‘AgentBase provided me with a steady stream of candidates for the positions I required.’

Peter Lawrence - Managing Director



‘An easy and fast way for overseas companies to locate Sales Agents in the UK. Very professional, highly recommendable.’

Paco Espejo - Head of Exports


Fairfield Trading Company Ltd

‘AgentBase magazine provides a targeted way for companies to make contact with Sales Agents.’

Carl Grue - Managing Director


John Palmer Brushes Ltd

‘We have been advertising with AgentBase for 2 months in the Website & Magazine and have had over 20 responses so far. AgentBase were initially brought to my attention by an existing agent. Because of their Website & Magazine they are seen as the source for attracting Sales Agents. The service provided has been professional and I would not hesitate in using them again.’

Stephen Mcelroy - UK Sales Manager


Daft Designs Ltd
‘Having our company based in the Isle of Man meant our direct contact with retailers was not as we would wish. But with the help of a 3 month campaign with AgentBase we were able to secure agents across the UK and Scotland who will be able to introduce our Daftducks TM Brand directly to retailers within their areas. The staff at AgentBase are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and proved a great help when setting up our advert. We would have no hesitation in using AgentBase in the future to further increase our now existing range of Agents.
Simon Williams



‘We have managed to find agents for both of the areas that we advertise. Generally the response was from well established people so that I am pleased with the advertisement and would certainly use AgentBase again.’

Nick Smyth - MD


The Cabinet Door Company

‘The agents that we received from you were second to none. Thanks.’

Ray Semmler


Sharq Magazine

‘The team at AgentBase were helpful and keen to discuss various solutions to ensure our goals were met. We attracted suitable applicants and will likely advertise with AgentBase again when the need arises.’

Reem Maghribi - Editor-in-Chief


Grip On International Ltd

‘We were looking for agents and AgentBase helped us find them. I would recommend this service.’
Dan Bayliss - Office Manager


‘We found AgentBase a most useful and effective tool to recruit sales agents. As a result of using both their website and magazine for one month we recruited 16 sales agents. I highly recommend this service’

John Hall - Direct Marketing manager


Toyk Design Ltd

‘When I first heard of sales agents i thought it was a scam! I spoke to other people who used AgentBase and decided to go ahead. Following advice from AgentBase I placed an ad on their website and in their magazine, and in 3 weeks I have had 5 responses. I have no doubt that if you want sales agents, then AgentBase is the place to go.’

Gary Bostock - Managing Director



‘It is rare to work with a company that has the resource and initiative to provide us with solutions so quickly. We received32 responses from our promotion with AgentBase. The professionalism and highly qualified support from this company has been invaluable to us. AgentBase are exemplary in their field and will be used by our organisation in the future for the qualities already outlined…I reiterate, the service we have received has been superb.’

John Malinowski - Managing Director


Inoxcrom Ltd

‘This is the second time we have used AgentBase and it has been very successful, Dealing with AgentBase was a pleasure. I feel that they offer a superior service and calibre of sales agent and would recommend them to others. In addition, their speed of response and understanding of our requirements was very good.’

Jan Rixon - Sales Manager


Flexel International Ltd

‘We ran a 3 month promotion in the AgentMase Magazine and the search went well, we had a number of enquiries. What we found is that the good agents we found through AgentBase led to us being introduced to other good agents. I would recommend AgentBase and will have no hesitation in using them again.’

Peter Samborek - UK Sales Manager


Euro Car Mats Ltd

‘We have beenusing AgentBase for several years now. We have always had a good response. The Agents we recruited in our promotion in 2002 are still with us today. I would have no hesitation recommending AgentBase for anybody who was looking for an independent sales agent.’

John Blundell - Director


Denby Dale Coffee

‘We found working with AgentBase highly effective. It worked for us. The quality of the agent responses was excellent. AgentBase were helpful and very professional. I would not hesitate to use them again.’

Stephen Roy - Managing Director


Orient international Ltd

‘We had an extremely good response from the AgentBase Magazine and Website. AgentBase provided us with friendly and very professional service. The promotion we ran served our purpose just right. Many thanks.’

Aman Chopra - Managing Director



Sodastream Ltd

James Beech

01733 366 092

Anglia Telecom Plc

Simon Catterick

01473 382025

Bobrick Washroom Eqpt Ltd

Stewart Macarthur

0208 366 1771

07941 008044


David Skinner

0115 981 5703

Mulberrys Consultancy

Norman Pratt

01279 777798



And finally, some words from our members…

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your telephone call this morning, and I have pleasure in forwarding my subscription renewal cheque as promised. I have derived much pleasure from AgentBase, and consider you are doing a wonderful job. Agents need people of your calibre very badly. There is no substitute for opportunity, and you do your level best to provide it. Wishing you all that’s good for you!

Yours sincerely.

Ken Critchley – Sales Agent


Many thanks for the reminder for my subscription renewal However,I have reached a stage in life that I doubt if I could tie a company down to an binding agreement of any length, I'm now 66. I still intend to remain active, but at my own pace. Many thanks for the last 5 years copies which I found informative and worthwhile.

Kind regards,

Michael Winkle.


I will not be renewing my subscription as due to ill health I am retiring. Many thanks for all the years & agencies I have had via agent base

Best Regards

Coral Hamilton


Now that I have reached the grand old age of 65 I have decided to retire from being "booted and suited" and use the armchair more! Once my current subscription expires please remove me from your mailing list.

Many thanks for your past support. Your publication quality and content is excellent.
Kind regards

Peter Baker



All references are available for inspection by appointment at our Kenilworth Office.

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