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Hands-On Agent Management & Client Mentoring

'Maximising your Investment in Agent Recruitment'


As you progress through the agent planning and recruiting process, and success is within your grasp, the importance of the agent recruitment project increases. It becomes a priority to ensure that success.


However, in many cases clients lack the skills, resources, or focus to keep the momentum going to the point where critical mass is achieved.


AgentBase can provide the vital support and assistance all the way to the point where success has been fully achieved and consolidated.


Our unique 'Management & Mentoring Service' (MMS) is a natural follow-on from our Consulting and Recruitment Services. It can also stand alone as an outsourced sales agent management service, perhaps to assist with the management of an existing network of sales agents.


The aim of MMS is to provide cost-effective expert assistance that will ensure the success of your agent recruitment program.


MMS safeguards your growing investment in sales agents: not only what you have spent so far, but more importantly the profits you expect to yield in future from your agent recruitment project.


MMS goes beyond recommendations and planning – it provides for successful implementation and management.


Key Points
  • Benefit from bespoke mentoring and hands-on assistance
  • Utilise highly experienced specialists in agent recruitment & management
  • Ensure you avoid the hidden pitfalls of agent management
  • Protect your growing investment in agent recruitment
  • Progress to the point of critical mass and unstoppable momentum
The Services



MMS workshop
The ideal starting point is our half-day on-site workshop includes a key staff training workshop, a management and admin pack, and a follow-up report.
MMS Consultation
Agent Management

We will act as your outsourced sales agent management function, leaving you to focus on your core business activities.

Agent Management

Other Services

Once we are actively involved in managing your agents, we will have our finger on the pulses of both your sales agents and your company staff.


In many cases, by the time we start discussing this service with you we will already be well acquainted with your business. For example, we may have carried out some form of initial consultation with you on sales agent strategy; you may have advertised with us to generate enquiries from agents; and we may already be actively involved in the hands-on recruitment and/ or management of your agents. And so we will already be intimately involved with you, and fully understand your business. This puts us in an ideal position to ensure that any problems are foreseen and prevented. We can also cure any problems that are already apparent.


We will tell you what the problems are. We then discuss, develop and present solutions and
for you to consider.

Our Clients are saying...

"Just a note to thank you for the report you sent to me following my completion of your initial questionnaire. The report was detailed and informative to such an extent that it caused me to rethink my whole strategy for the sales force and save myself an awful lot of time and money! As such it represented excellent value for money and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone considering appointing Agents - or just seeking advice - to use your services..."



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