You can promote your agency opportunity to a total of over 10,000 UK sales agents via our two mediums:

1)   Members' Magazine

2)   Website

We recommend the use of both mediums together to achieve full coverage.



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Rates & Data


We offer extremely competitive rates to advertise your opportunity to the largest audience of sales agents available in the UK.


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Total 10,000+ sales agents, made up as follows:


Magazine: 9000 sales agents

Our digital magazine is circulated by email to all members of AgentBase Sales Agent Register. Membership is currently 9000 sales agents throughout the UK. Readership may be far in excess of this as members can share and forward the magazine to their colleagues.

The digital magazine offers many advantages over the printed magazine of years gone by. It is faster - we cut a week from the time it takes to get your advert to our members. It is searchable - so agents can find relevant agencies more quickly. You can have a video in your advert - so agents can see your products and hear about you and your business. And so on.

Also, as of December 2012, Apps are available for agents on the move. Many of our members like to view the magazine whilst out and about on their daily rounds. Our Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets are provided to members free of charge. They are also freely available on the Apple and Google App Stores to increase the exposure of your advertising even beyond the AgentBase membership base.


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Website: 9000 sales agents

The Agency Opportunities Area of this website receives over 9000 unique visitors every month. Adverts are organised by the market categories that agents sell to. You can list your advert under the categories of your choice.


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We have a vigorous ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) and submission program to ensure high placements in natural search results under all relevant search terms. We also have pay-per-click sponsored links programs with all the main search engines to ensure high web visibility regardless of natural listings. We are also listed in all major online trade directories.


To achieve maximum coverage of agents using AgentBase services, adverts should feature in both the web site AND the magazine.



Audience Profile


All our members are self-employed commission-only, business to business Sales Agents and entrepreneurs. They are all looking for new opportunities -both products and services. They come from almost every area of trade -retail, corporate, public sector, consumer, industrial, technical, etc.


This reader profile is common to both the magazine and the website.

Why both? What is the difference?

When agents join AgentBase, they receive the digital magazine by email every month. They also have unrestricted access to the agency opportunities area of this website. Our services to sales agents are free of charge. This is unique to our industry, and ensures massive usage amongst UK sales agents: we estimate our penetration to be in excess of 60% of all UK sales agents. In return, all members are required to give us detailed information about themselves and their activities. 

The magazine is PUSHED into the sales agents' hands. It lands in their mailbox every month without fail. Agents can just sit back and wait for this to arrive.

The website PULLS agents in. It is available 24/7 and is updated constantly. Agents can come to the website anytime and proactively search for new agencies. We constantly remind them that new opportunities are being added.

So, to reach all our members you need to advertise in both the magazine AND the website.

The magazine is an advertising publication. There is virtually no editorial(apart from a legal surgery on the back page).
It is important to note that this is NOT distraction advertising like with most other media. Your advert is not trying to distract the reader from his main purpose of reading editoral content. Agents are using the magazine to see the adverts.

The website provides agents with unrestricted access to new agency opportunities. Again there is little else but adverts, so traffic is highly relevant. The site is easy to find, powerful, searchable, user-friendly, and is the UK market leader.

The main reason our members join is to look at agency opportunity adverts in the magazine and the website - there simply isnt much else!


> View Advertising Rates, Discounts, Deadlines & Technical Information

Our Clients are saying...

"It is rare to work with a company that has the resource and initiative to provide us with solutions so quickly. We received 32 responses from our promotion with AgentBase. The professionalism and highly qualified support from this company has been invaluable to us..."



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