Find Sales Agents in Other Countries

We produce reports that put you directly in contact with sales agent registers in any or all of the countries listed below.


Austria   France   Lithuania   Sweden
Belgium   Germany   Luxembourg   Switzerland
Cyprus   Greece   Norway   USA
Denmark   Holland   Slovenia   Canada
Finland   Italy   Spain   Mexico


Simply purchase the reports for the countries of your choice. This will put you in touch with sales agent registers in those countries. You then deal directly with each individual agent register yourself, in order to make contact with their agent members.

All registers work slightly differently. Some have magazines that you can advertise in. Some will write to their members of your behalf. Others will put you directly in touch with their members. And so on. Some countries have more than one register.

The AgentBase Country Reports will explain all that you need to know, with up-to-date service prices and full contact details for each register in each country.

Please note that the report DOES NOT PUT YOU DIRECTLY IN TOUCH WITH SALES AGENTS. The reports put you in touch with sales agent registers, like AgentBase.

Reports can be emailed immediately upon receipt of payment.





Please call us for further details on 01926 864200.


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