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AgentBase can help you to reach thousands of commission-only Sales Agents simply and cost effectively with our Magazine and Website advertising.



Magazine Advertising


The AgentBase Magazine is an exclusive digital publication for the professional sales agent in the UK and Ireland. Our members cover all trades, all markets, all areas, and all products imaginable. By advertising in the members' magazine, your opportunity will be broadcast to the UK agent community at large. Interested agents will simply contact you directly. Readership is currently 9000.

Also, new Apps are now available for agents on the move. Many of our members like to view the magazine whilst out and about on their daily rounds. Our new Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets are provided to members free of charge. They are also freely available on the Apple and Google App Stores to increase the exposure of your advertising even beyond the AgentBase membership base.


We provide a free professional graphic design service, so advertising is as easy as can be. For more information, please use the links below.

It is important to note that this is NOT distraction advertising. Your advert is not trying to divert the reader from his main purpose of reading editoral content. The main reason our readers are looking at the magazine is to look at the adverts.


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Website Advertising


The AgentBase Web Site is the UK's leading meeting place for principals and sales agents. Around 9000 sales agents visit the Agency Opportunities Area of our web site every month looking for new agency opportunities.

You can advertise your opportunity in the Agency Opportunities Area of this site.


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If you wish to advertise, please contact us by phone or email.



Why Advertise?


We have been recruiting sales agents to the AgentBase register since 1993. We have had an active web site since 1995. We represent the majority of active sales agents in the UK. We are the undisputed market leader.


Sales agents are famously difficult people to reach! Our business succeeds because we make this task easy and cost-effective for you.


You could try other media such as the national papers, trade magazines, or the business opportunities press. This can be extremely expensive, and you could be contacted by time-wasters, dreamers and schemers, sample hunters, and other advertising media trying to sell you more of the same useless advertising!



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"Under the advice of AgentBase we ran a 3 month campaign and received 40-50 responses. AgentBase helped us achieve our objectives. I would recommend this service."



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