Agent Strategy - Full Consultation

This is a comprehensive, face-to-face, strategic and tactical consultation and workshop. It is a one-to-one consultation, not a seminar presentation with other clients. This consultation takes a full day, and is carried out at our Kenilworth offices, with lunch provided. Or if preferred, it can be carried out on your own premises. It is followed up with a comprehensive and professionally written and presented report. This acts as a detailed handbook which presents a tailor-made action plan for you to successfully set up and manage your own agent sales force, along with a wealth of general facts & tips. The consultation process is typically as follows:


Stage 1 - Information Gathering

We need to understand fully the nature and objectives of your proposed initiative. What are your proposed policies and stances in relation to key issues? A detailed and structured questionnaire is used to probe and analyse all pertinent information.

Stage 2 - The Backdrop
We explain in detail the general nature of sales agents: their psychology, behaviour, operating environment, motivation, strengths and limitations. We also discuss the optimum agency 'package' . This addresses issues such as advertising, sales support literature, recruitment, remuneration (commission rates, bonuses, etc), management, motivation, agency agreements, etc.

Stage 3 - Analysis & Strategies
From the analysis, we identify your problem areas or weaknesses and, crucially, develop strategies to fix, overcome, or work around them where possible. We also identify your areas of strength!

Stage 4 - Report
We present a written report containing a situation analysis, our considered opinions and recommendations, and a detailed workable action plan. It also includes a wealth of general tips, advice and references based on many years of real-life hands-on practical experience.



At our premises: £1490.00
At your premises: £1490.00 plus travelling time and expenses
(quoted on request)


(Prices are subject to VAT. Payable in advance.)

Our Clients are saying...

"I have engaged AgentBase to assist me in both recruiting agents and in advising me on existing agents contracts. The advice received from Paul in both cases was precise, insightful and led to strategic decisions being taken based on facts rather than guesswork..."



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